Our Mission

Charity Golf International’s Mission is to enhance Charity Golf Events throughout the United States. We take pride in entertaining the tournaments clients and attendees by creating excitement with 400 yards drives from our Professional Long Drive Entertainers.

Our goal is to provide professional fundraising, raise awareness for the Foundations cause, and assist charities in reaching their financial goals.

Recent Testimonial

“Bobby and Trevor have participated in numerous charity golf outings for FORE Charities, the Florida Collegiate Summer League, and other events that I have organized throughout the Orlando region. Every time that I am in charge of hosting a charity golf tournament, they are the one promotion I want to incorporate in our event. It never gets old watching someone hit a golf ball 400 yards, who can entertain the players, and raise money for the Foundation.

What, I enjoy most, is how Bobby and Trevor go about raising money in their presentation on the tee box. There’s no pressure. Just a fun experience. It’s an incredible feeling for me to apply the money that they have raised on the tee to the Foundation and help the people in need of these donations. Charity Golf International has raised $35,000 on the tee for the Florida Collegiate Summer League over the past 3 years and $65,000 since we have implemented Long Drive Entertainment into our events.

These guys are hilarious, humble, phenomenal fundraisers, that can hit a golf ball farther than you could ever imagine. They are true masters of their craft. This is a must have at your next charity or corporate outing.”

Kevin Davidson, Executive Director FORE Charities and Florida Collegiate Summer League