3 Secrets to Raise Even More Money At Your Next Charity Golf Event

3 Secrets to Raise Even More Money At Your Next Charity Golf Event

Congratulations! You’re planning a charity golf tournament!

You’re likely really excited and also probably a bit overwhelmed. There’s so much to do, from coordinating the players, to raising money, to securing the best entertainment.

But executed properly, a charity golf tournament can raise big bucks for your charity. Every year there are roughly 140,000 charity golf tournaments worldwide that raise over $2.9 Billion dollars.

Luckily at Charity Golf International we’re the worldwide leader in on-course fundraising and entertainment.

We want to share a few of our secrets from the past 7 years helping charities big and small create huge financial wins at their events. We consider these three things are the trifecta of tournament success.

#1 Maximize player turnout

Obviously you need to have players in order to have a tournament but how do you get as many people as possible to show up?

  • Get More Publicity

Reach out to your local newspapers and televisions. Create an event on Facebook and share it with your network and encourage others to do the same. Send an newsletter announcing the event to your existing email contacts.

  • Ask for help

    Even if you have hundreds of connections ask other people to help spread the message. You can increase your exposure exponentially by asking for help finding players.

Charity Golf International Fundraises for Justin Turner's Charity Golf Tournament

Bobby Bradley with Dustin Johnson, the current 
World Number 1 in the Official World Golf Ranking. 
Charity Golf International entertains + fundraises 
for charity, corporate and celebrity golf tournaments. 

#2 Find the best entertainment

One of the things that most events overlook is the entertainment. Yet, that’s what makes an event really memorable. So to make your event a huge success you’ll want an entertainment experience that’s out of the ordinary and will get people talking.

Sure you could spice things up with mini-games or contests but there is nothing more memorable than having a long drive professional hit a ball over 400 yards and performing jaw-dropping trick shots.

Plus when you have a long drive professional hit a shot for every team to play, you will speed up play for the day. Even though it can take a few hours to play a round of golf, no one wants to be on the course for 7 hours. You want to create a fast-paced and exciting event.

#3 Think strategically about donations

Many people suggest contests, raffles or auctions to raise money. The challenge with these approaches though is that you need to get sponsors to donate prizes or auction items, or you have to pay for them out of the tournament budget.

If you want to minimize your out of pocket expenses, and use your sponsors to help cover other costs of the tournament, Charity Golf International has over 30 long drive professionals who will come entertain AND fundraise for your event.

Plus the best news is that there’s no out of pocket expense for the charity and it’s guaranteed revenue. We’ve even put together a quick and easy donations calculator so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

If you’d like to learn more about Charity Golf International you can reach us at events@charitygolfintl.com or call us at 800-818-0901.

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